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A major point of conflict in a share house is often about paying bills (electricity, water, gas, council tax, TV licensing). It is vital to decide when you move in who is to be responsible for paying bills and how the bills are to be divided.

Conflict over bills ?

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Generally, bills such as gas, electricity and water are divided equally between all members of the household. However, if one person has an appliance which uses a lot of electricity, water or gas, then maybe they should pay extra.

If you are having services connected, it's important to think carefully about whose name the account will be in. The person who has their name on the account will be held liable by the service provider for payment of the bill and may have trouble getting access to future services ( credit score) if the bill is unpaid for any reason. It's a good idea for different flatmates to organise different services in order to spread the financial responsibility around. In this way no one person will be left with responsibility for all the bills if things should go wrong in the house.

It is usually easier to choose a property where the rent is all inclusive (the landlord makes you pay a set amount whatever the level of your utility bills are).

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