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Tax & National Insurance Number

The UK tax year starts from 6th April and ends on 5th April. If you have just arrived in the UK, and intending on working via PAYE (Pay As You Earn) you will need to complete a P46.

You will also need a National Insurance Number (NI) that contributes towards paying social security and other benefits, such as free hospital and doctor services.


Everybody in England needs a National Insurance Number. It’s used to record the national insurance contributions you have to pay when you are working. Your benefits depend on these contributions being recorded in your NI account.

Your right to Incapacity and Contributory Job Seekers Allowance, Maternity Allowance and Retirement or Widows Pension all depend on your NI contributions. You will also need your NI number if you claim other benefits like Family Credit, Income Support or Child Benefit.

By the time when you don’t have your NI number, Inland Revenue provide you a temporary number, and charge you with the highest tax level.

Contact your Jobcentre Plus office to find where you have to go to get your NIN:

When you go to the local Social Security office, take at least 2 of the following documents with you as proof of your identity: - your passport - your marriage certificate - your original birth certificate - your full driving license.

It is open at 9am and close at 5pm. We advise you to go early, as it’s frequent to spend 2-3 hours there, mainly waiting. You will have to take a ticket, register when you are called, then wait to be called a second time to complete the form. You will have to answer to questions such as “how did you pay your ticket to come”, “do you work? ” or “do you go back to your country sometimes? ” (Write a text of about 30 rows! - People can write on your behalf).

As soon as you are issued with a National Insurance number (you will receive a card), give the details to your employer for their records. This will ensure that any NI contributions you pay are credited to your National Insurance account.

Leaflet IR120 “You and the Inland Revenue” gives you full details of the procedures. You can get this leaflet from any Social Security office, Inland Revenue Enquiry Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau and main libraries.

The tax free threshold is £4,615.00 per year and if you work less than 12 months you will probably be due a refund, especially if you have been on the highest tax level.

Contact Inland Revenue to see if you are entitled to a Tax Refund

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