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Mobile Phone in London

There are 5 mobile networks in the UK:


Tmobile UK
Vodafone UK
Orange Mobile Phone UK
Three Networks Mobile phone


Plenty of mobile virtual network operators such as:


fresh mobile virtual operator
virgin mobile tesco mobile talk talk mobile operator bt mobile


You can choose to go for 3 different tariffs:


Pay monthly: The majority of people in the UK pay their mobile phone monthly with ease by direct debit as they would with electricity and gas. Prices are depending on the formula (peak users, off-peak, everyday users). Often companies will ask you to live for more than 6 months in the country before they offer you these tariffs (you may be able to negotiate).

Pay up front: Pay up front packages include the phone, connection, a yearís line rental, plus a certain amount of inclusive calls, depending of your choice of tariffs. The average price is about £100/year.

Pay as you go: Itís the most easy way to get a mobile, as you just need to buy it and you will charge the phone with money by using voucher (Top-up card) or credit card to be able to use it. Calls will cost about 10p/minute.

You can get a lot of information and great mobile phone deals here

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