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London Letting is here to help anybody looking to rent residential accommodation, be that complete units, such as a house or flat, or a room within a house.


The original LONDONLETTINGAGENCY.COM launched in 2002 serving the student accommodation market. The site was a directory utility that also allowed students to pass on details of what they were looking for to all the letting agents in their area. This utility was made available to professional tenants in early 2003 and the utility was also significantly improved at that point.

In 2004 this service was superceeded by a simple, more comprehensive directory of letting agents combined with online property listings.

The property listings give potential tenants immediate access to the information that agents advertise (and through our extended network of partners, we have are able to show an enormous amount of properties).

The directory gives them a route to find out about the properties that never get advertised. This will always be a significant proportion of the market as many properties are snapped up before agents have time to advertise them. By having a restricted number of manually reviewed agents in prime positions in the directory, the house hunterís time will be utilised to the greatest effect.

One recurring theme of throughout itís brief history is the depth of information on all aspects of the rental market and this is continued today in the renting information section.

The Owners is owned by Ciloco, an internet company based in London.

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